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Bliss Films

I Wish

The power of innocence and a wish and the catastrophic results.
Short Film

"Those be the words,
the gateway to
your fondest dreams"

Adapted from the 1973 short story by award-winning novelist Bill Pronzini, I Wish is a tale about David, an inquisitive teenager with Down syndrome, who escapes from his mother's watchful eye for a few hours to explore a lonely stretch of Lake Ontario shoreline. Eager for the freedom to pursue his own fantastical adventures, David has no way to suspect the adventure of a lifetime is about to change him and the world forever.


What if you had three wishes?
Bliss Presents

Power of Innocence

I WISH explores the great and terrible power of innocence. Childhood is the shared, universal experience of everyone forced to grow up, regardless of their genetic dice roll. It is easy to blame the end of the world on the wishes of the young and of the different.

At its core, I WISH is the story of a young person’s adventure--an optimistic, but lonely young man. David’s wishes are pure and simple, with far-reaching and potentially catastrophic implications.


ooh la la

I Wish Awards

The Flick Fest 2023 Semi-Finalist
The Flick Fest
New York Short Film Competition
Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival
Lift Off Global Network - Melbourne
Urban Video Project