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Bliss Films

Nebraska's Calling

Short Film

"Did momma tell ya
not to talk
to strangers?"

"I found myself particularly drawn to Nebraska’s Calling. It is a story about the resilience of female friendship painted against the dramatic backdrop of a lonely gas station in the California desert. There is so much feeling to be captured and explored. We aim to deliver a captivating narrative that leaves the viewer in a state of contemplation when the credits roll."

- Kathryn Ferentchak, Director


Nebraska Calling
Bliss Presents

Gender Power Dynamics

Three friends returning from a post-college road trip drive in a blissful haze until they stop for gas. At the gas station they’re confronted by two men. The women frankly weren’t expecting visitors, and the situation goes from unsettling to worse when the men try to get the women to return to their campsite with them.

This film explores the power dynamic between the sexes, and the uncomfortable position women are put in when men don't consider their presence may make for something more frightening than they mean it to be.


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Nebraska's Calling Awards

Best Women's Independent Shorts Award
Official Selection Hollyshorts
Female Voices Rock Film Festival