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Bliss Films

Music Videos

Music videos combine the impact of sound and sight - making a song more memorable and creating a relationship between the vocal artist and audience. Bliss Films strives to bring not only the melody and words of a song to life but to create a portrait of the artists that makes one want to hear more of their music.
Director's Cut Music Video

"Destructive love

and new patterns"

Written by Wilde Writing and developed and produced by Bliss Films - Kathryn Ferentchak, Director, Johanna Monfreda, Producer, with Co-Director and first-time filmmaker Theo Dudley - the music video features vocalist JWALK. "White Wine" tells the story of a man struggling to leave the past behind; undertaking a spiritual journey to find closure with a bygone relationship. Bliss Films was selected 2023 Filmmaker of the Year/Visual Effects by Pro Moviemaker Magazine for "White Wine."


an existential music video directed by Kathryn Ferentchak
Music Video

"You're the
California Honey
in my hot tea"

Sometimes finding your most vulnerable self means shedding your bee-suit. Bliss Films collaborated with Ruby Sparks to bring a video that not only makes you dance, but makes you reconsider what is holding you back from radical self acceptance. In the process we got a little sticky.


Time to take off your bee suit and live.