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Bliss Films

Lazy People

Diaspora comes from the Greek verb diaspeirō meaning “to scatter” or “to spread about.” Today, is it often little wars, wars that no one notices, that don’t seem to merit news coverage, that scatter people to new lands. This short film features the effects of modern-day diaspora on a small Armenian community.
Short Film

"My dad says only lazy people live in apartments!"

Stories of loss and persistent survival are just under the surface in the community of an all-Armenian apartment complex. When the adults are at work, seven-year old Khatchig’s disastrous attempts to impress his neighborhood crush will have far-reaching repercussions.


Stories of loss and persistent survival lie behind the residents of the apartment complex
Bliss Presents

A Story for the
Armenian Diaspora

Our intent with this film is to bring compassion and empathy to an unseen story. After the 2020 Azerbaijan and Armenian conflict was almost totally ignored by the world press, diaspora Armenians had to funnel their frustration into something creative.

Our wonderful writer/co-director Jacqueline Postajian wrote a script.


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Lazy People Awards

Socially Relevant Film Festival New York 2022
LA Shorts International Film Festival 2022
Lazy People - Sunrise Stepanakert Film Festival
Lazy People - Official Selection Arpa International Film Festival 2021