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Bliss Films

Telling one heck of an entertaining story
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A movie that
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Bliss Films is a trio of inventive women on a mission to make movies that empower unlikely protagonists, entice an audience to re-evaluate their preconceptions, and tell one heck of an entertaining story. What does all that mean? Well besides being a good instagram bio, it is our manifesto.

We are filmmakers, passionate about telling impactful and moving stories. And while we are captivated by the storytelling part, we sure know there’s much more to making movies than writing them. We’re constantly building our team, bringing more and more young, diverse filmmakers into our fold to collaborate and tell meaningful stories. We strive to be a production company for the next generation of great creators.

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Since our inception in 2019, we’ve successfully funded four award-winning short films through grants and crowdfunding, crafted unique music videos, created internationally recognized fashion videos and collaborated on numerous projects. These projects highlight our scope as filmmakers, and we plan to use them not just to hone our craft, but to transcend the expectations of film industry gatekeepers and exemplify our potential to be serious creators.

Meet the team

The Bliss Trio

From top to bottom, Joanna Monfreda is a producer who’s obsessed with logistics. The first question out of her mouth is how? Actually it’s how...much money? Which usually receives eye rolls from her fellow creatives.

Sarineh Garapetian is an actor by trade, she’s a star on screen, as well as a killer festival programmer with an eye for story and a background in film sales.

And the person that makes us the golden trifecta is Kat Ferentchak, a director and writer. She digs the nitty gritty of a strong point of view that breathes life into story.

ooh la la

Bliss Awards

Lazy People - Sunrise Stepanakert Film Festival
Lazy People - LA Shorts International Film Festival
I Wish - The Flick Fest
Lazy People - Socially Relevant Film Festival, New York
Lazy People - Official Selection Arpa International Film Festival 2021
Pussy Pussy Bling Bling - Big Apple Film Festival
Best Women's Independent Shorts Award
Official Selection Hollyshorts
Imagine This Women's Film Festival
Tokyo Lift Off Film Festival 2020
Adirondack Film Festival 2020
Female Voices Rock Film Festival 2020
Creative Armenia
Lift Off Global Network - Melbourne
Urban Video Project

Behind the Scenes

2021 Films

Lazy People
Pussy Pussy Bling Bling


where did you get such a story


password's 1800


sorry fellas


eating lunch with you is a waste of money


my dad says only Lazy People Live in apartments!